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The joy of maps

Ordanance Survey Maps laid out

When you're desperate to be outdoors but the odds are stacked against you there is one way you can keep focused on adventure, by planning one.

There is something intoxicating about unfolding a map and tracing potential new routes across the fells. Searching for camping spots, making sure you don't miss out on a glimpse of a hidden waterfall, and perhaps (if crowds are also your worst nightmare) avoiding the inevitable tourist traps. Will you drive to the start or do you need to catch a train or even a plane? If you're waiting for the weather to improve what kind of kit will you need for the conditions, and is it all in a good state of repair? Is it time to pitch a tent in your back garden just to check?*

Planning a new adventure helps while away the hours indoors, reminiscing about past experiences, and opening your mind to journeys you may never have never otherwise considered. Once you are free to roam the outdoors you can guarantee you'll already be packed and ready to explore.

Whether your idea of adventure is a week of wild camping, a multi-day cycling trip or trying a new climbing spot, there is nothing better than pouring over a map to plot your next move. Well, other than being outdoors itself of course, but that's for another day. The outdoors will be ready and waiting.

Take good care 


*The answer is always yes.

  unsplash-logo Drew Collins

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