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Our Story

Sam with her slightly reluctant canine companion

Breathe Outdoor was founded by outdoor enthusiast and woman of more hobbies than even a 19th century aristocrat could find time for, Sam Collier.

After more than a decade working in various marketing roles she realised she had the skills to do something on her own, and in doing so create a more flexible approach to work. As an expert in taking up new hobbies, and buying all the kit to support them, her vision is to create a shopping experience that demystifies the process of shopping for quality outdoor gear. 


In building Breathe Outdoor her goal is to make it easy for beginners in any outdoor pursuit to find what they need, moving away from the detailed technical specifications and need for hours of research and  instead prioritising what the gear enables you to do, and the situation it is most suited to. 

Sam's current favourite hobbies include surfing, hiking, yoga and supporting other bad ass women. You can find some of them here