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Emergency sleeping bag shown with dimensions added
Bivvy bag shown on white background with accessories
Bivvy bag shown in use, in the snow, and in a forest situation
Key features of the bivvy bag
Shown laid out, with key features
Illustrations of 5 different uses, shelter, raincover, ground tarp, windshield and sleeping bag.

Emergency Bivvy Bag

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The Bivvy Bag is an essential safety item for hikers and explorers allowing you to create a shelter from the elements in an emergency. Don't head out in the hills without one!

Made from waterproof, windproof and tear resistant material this bivvy can be used multiple times. The sealed seems keep out rain, wind and snow and used orange side out the foil side reflects up to 90% of body heat. It can also be used foil side out to stay cool in high temperatures. 

  • Packed dimensions are just 4inches by 2.75 inches.
  • Opened up the Bivvy measures 210cm x 90cm (82 x 36in)
  • Includes 120 decibel survival whistle